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Large Companies and Multicultural Workforces COMM 215 June 16, 2011 Large Companies and Multicultural Workforces Worldwide Telecommunication, Inc., is a company that provides, telephone, Internet, television, and other services around the globe. The telecommunication industry has seen a dramatic shift in demographics within its workplace culture. The workforce has seen an unprecedented amount of diversity in telecommunication in the last two decades. The irrefutable fact is that the United States demographics have changed dramatically because of immigration. As the population increases so will the need for a multicultural work environment. Companies around the world are entertaining the aspect of diversifying their workforce by employing individuals from different cultures that speak different languages. The industry must learn how to foresee possible cultural shifts and incorporates those shifts into their company culture. Worldwide Telecommunication, Inc., has created and diversified its team dynamic by encouraging teamwork and communication. Forecasting Workforce (TT) Forecasting possible cultural changes in Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated depends on many factors. Before any changes can be made, one must first analyze the cultures that presently exist inside of an organization. This can be done in several ways such as: focus groups, employee surveys or interviews, and research of customer feedback. Once this information is analyzed, we can identify areas where change is needed. This can be a very long and tedious process, and should only be done to make improvements to the company. It is important that we take this approach fostering a sense of empowerment and not dictatorship. Our employees must accept any change made to be effective. Peter Senge, a senior lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology states, “Building a shared vision fosters

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