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Course Outline School: | Advancement | | | Department: | General Education & Liberal Studies | | | Program: | College Mandated General Education Course | | | Course Title: | Global Citizenship:From Social Analysis to Social Action | | | Course Code: | GNED 500 | | | Total Course Hours: | 45 | | | Prerequisites/Co-requisites: | N/A | | | Eligible for Prior Learning | | Assessment and Recognition: | Yes | | | Originated by: | John Bissonnette, Mariana Duckitt, Lena Gutekunst, Andrea Jacobs, RM Kennedy, Pepi Lucas, Carmen Perillo, Joyce Robinson, Chet Singh, John Zhang | | | Revised by: | Philip Alaliabo, Khalid Ali, Agnes Kieltyka, Meera Mather, Karen Naidoo, Kisha McPherson, Jared Purdy, Shane Walker, and Helen Ziral (June 2011) | | | Effective Semester: | Fall 2011 | Approved by: Chair/Dean Students are expected to review the course outline and to discuss with the professor any areas where clarification is required. Students should keep all course outlines for each course taken at Centennial College. These may be used to apply for transfer of credit to other educational institutions. A fee may be charged for additional or replacement copies. Course Description Global citizenship provides students with an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required to live and work in a world that is globally interconnected. Students will examine and critically analyze social problems, gain an understanding of identity and values, develop an awareness of media conglomeration, power, and control, and investigate issues of equality and equity using different perspectives to develop a plan for social action that will bring about positive change. This course allows students to develop a sound understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, both personally and professionally,

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