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in charge of the dosages of medicine that the patient is given and what type of medication that the patient is put on. Doctors always have the final say in what type of treatment their patients will receive and they make the final decision. The salary of a doctor differs depending on what they specialize in, if anything. For instance, a general medical doctor will make far less than a gastroenterologist or a gynecologist. When doctors specialize in a certain field, they also have to complete a far deal more of schooling. All of the areas draw me to this particular career field and are extremely important to me. I feel that the responsibilities of this career are important because in this field you are dealing with human lives on a daily basis. Being irresponsible in this field is not an option. Doing so can result in the fatality of a patient. The salaries and growth trends draw me to this field because of the wide opportunity to expand and further my career. Also life long learning draws me into this field and is important to me, because I feel that throughout life you never stop learning. This is a great field to learn different and new things everyday, and can also help you to advance in this particular career path. I look forward to learning from my co-workers, bosses, and even my patients when I become settled in my career. This area in my chosen career offers the potential for personal and professional growth. Once you feel accomplished and settled in these particular areas in this career field, you can move forward with greater confidence and the advantage of the feeling of success. In this career field, there are many courses and lifelong certifications that will help you realize future personal and career success. Different courses in this field of study are associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. For associate, the schooling is two years.

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