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Jeff Worthy Professor Heald English 101 September 12, 2011 Project 1 Draft The course objectives of English 101 are meant to help the student achieve success in the class and to learn how to write a productive paper. I believe there are easy objectives or objectives that I know I can succeed in and others that I may not be so great at. However, I will always give my best work and continue to excel in my writing techniques and strategies. I felt like the first course objective is going to be the hardest part for me because I am horrible at finding an idea or something to write about. It is not that certain subjects are hard to write about or that are above my knowledge of because all I would have to do is research the subject and write a paper. It is the simple fact that a lot of topics do not interest me, at all. I am usually forced to pick a topic I do not have any interest in and write a really bad paper because I did not do effect research or even really put my best effort into the paper. Does this mean I am not prepared for college writing because I cannot choose a topic that interest me, no I do not believe so. I can write non-fiction very well, and I am a good researcher; I like to find the facts. However, if I do not find strategies or ways to help me pick a solid topic to write an “A” paper, then I might struggle with this. I have a lot more knowledge of what interests me but now I must be to write about different topics effectively and articulate the information that I find in my research on a particular subject. Objective three may prove to be good for me because I research a subject till I get the facts and then put those facts into words that I can understand and that my reader can understand. I do not like to read a whole lot but I know it is something I have to do to research sufficiently. The fourth objective may have me struggling

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