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Linda Brown Professor Hoke T TH 9:30- 10:55 February 14, 2013 Coming to Terms It seemed like only yesterday, but as I think back it has actually been 1year and 9months since the day I walked in to the rehab at the Temple Veteran Admistration. It was the beginning of the end of the misery I was experiencing since my husband death. I was being admitted in to the domiciliary for in house rehab. It was a beautiful day, as I remember the sun was shining. I could not even remember when I paid attention to the quality of the day. I remember getting in to the car and their sitting on the seat was my husband’s favorite brown fleece jacket that he wore all the time. As his cancer progressed he often was cold, and the fleece felt good on his skin. I picked it up and held it and just froze, then my hands clinched the jacket and I smelt it smelling nothing but curve cologne. He like Curve it was what I sprayed on him before we left for the hospital that day he was admitted. The tears began to tinkle down the corner of my eyes. How would I come to terms with his death? One thing I did know was that I was doing the right thing by going to get help with this grief process. I could not imagine leaving my house to go and stay somewhere else, with strangers and rules and regulations that I knew nothing about. I thought I could do this at home and just seek counseling and then I thought no I already had made the appointment for the admission date and was completely packed and ready to go. Was I actually thinking about not going? As I sat behind the steering wheel fumbling with my hair and folding the jacket up, I knew it was too many memories without distancing me first. I never experienced death so closely to home, and I needed help. To lose my significant other to lung cancer was devastating and I was self medicating. I had lost all hope and was mad at the world. Basically I

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