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I didn’t know what America looked like, but around the year 2006 , me, my brother, and my dad moved to America. My mom became a nurse in Arkansas. We spent about a year in Arkansas, then we moved to California in 2007 by car! We moved because my relatives lived here and we wanted to be close to them. After one week living in my cousin’s house, we moved to an apartment about 6 blocks away from my cousin’s house, so you can say that we were a close family. Then my mom told me something that will forever change the course of my life. She said that we are moving to a new house! We moved to Spanos Park West by Manlio Silva Elementary School, but the best part about it was i live by the pool and the clubhouse! I was so excited i have my own room and my own Bathroom! HEAVEN! The day we moved in was the first day of school for Manlio Silva Elementary School. My 5Th grade teacher was Mr. Beavert, and yes I laughed at first. At June 22ND of 2008 my whole family traveled to Disneyland in Los Angeles, we stayed there for about 4 days, then my mom told me that we were visiting my friend Rico’s house. I haven’t seen him for 5 years since he moved to San Diego and I moved Stockton, California. On Tuesday June 26Th of 2008 my family and Rico’s Family went to Seaworld! The best thing was they only lived 7 minutes away! So we were the first people in line to buy tickets! At around March 10, 2010 my whole family went to visit the Philippines after 7 years of not returning back. It took us about a day in the Airplane to reach Hong Kong to the Philippines. When we arrived to the Philippines my uncle picked us up and took us to his house, I met my two dogs Beauty and Princess. We spent about 3 weeks in the Philippines then we went home to California. I had of jet-lag one time slept for 18 hours straight! In conclusion. I have been everywhere! But the

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