Coming out from Satan's arse Essay

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Geoffrey Chaucer did not suspect that their masterpiece The Canterbury Tales would have such enormous transcendence. It is the medieval stereotypes that are described in his work what makes it current to our times; touching sensitive areas of society without the need of specifying them. In The Summoner’s tale the ecclesiastical medieval issue is developed and represented by the friar’s image; nonetheless, his attributes and attitudes can be compared with the characteristics and the disposition of our religious, economical and political power. Through The Canterbury Tales the friar is described and compared several times. The main comparison is the one that the summoner does in the prologue of his tale when contrasts the friars with bees that live in Satan’s arse. Nonetheless, in a discussion before the Wife of Bath’s tale, the summoner makes a similar comparison with flies and even the wife of Bath begins her tale by saying that the friars are responsible for the fairies’ disappearance because of their tendency of scrutinizing in everything. In this contrasting the friars are not only responsible of the lack of beauty and magic that fairies provide, but also, are compared with insects that love trash and disturb people when they are enjoying a meal. Ecclesiastic power in Chilean society are always sniffing around like dogs, thirsty of sins to catch, forbidding in the name of God, the right of deciding over women their pregnancy right by banning the pill; trying to stop the law of civil union to allow homosexual marriages and censoring films, books and plays; in a certain way, they go killing the fairies of our society as the wife of Bath said. On the contrary, they do not criticize (at least publicly) the gender violence against women or the Nazi attacks against mapuches or homosexuals, because those issues do not reinforce their power and their money. They

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