Coming of the Third Reich Notes Essay

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1. Otto von Bismarck was a key figure in the coming of the Third Reich. After his death, Germany longed for the return of a political leader as good as him. His actions and policies helped contribute to Germany’s future. Fifty years after Bismarck’s foundation of the German Empire (1871) the Nazi’s had their electoral triumphs. 2. Bismarck was born in 1815. He was a German conservative. He was known to give brutal statements, as well as acting rather violently. Bismarck had an aristocratic background and was contempt of liberalism, socialism, parliamentarism, egalitarianism, and many other aspects of the modern world. 3. He was stereotyped to be a reckless risk taker but in reality, he was a very cautious person. He came up with “The art of the possible.” It said that you should calculate the way things were going and make it work for you. In his own words, “Calculate the way events were going and take advantage of them for your own purposes.” In Europe, there were many small, anonymous states. They were gathered together by Charlemagne in The Holy Roman Reich (800-1086). This “Thousand Year Reich” is what caused the ambition in the Nazis. Near the end of their power, they were allies with powerful places, such as; Austria and Prussia. 4. After Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo (1815), European states set up a successor to the Holy Roman Reich. It was known as the German Confederation. The vast majority of the population of 1815 was uneducated. By the 1840’s a whole new generation of intellectuals were made. They had grown distasteful of the German tyranny and came to the conclusion that; The quickest way to overthrow Germany of its many tyrants was to get rid of the individual member states of the German Confederation and replace them with a single German political party. This party would be based around the rights and freedoms, ie; Freedom of speech, freedom of

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