Coming Of Age In Mississippi Essay

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Coming of Age in Mississippi The civil rights movement, one of the strongest movements ever in the United States, led way to many great people, between Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and W. E. B. Dubois. But one writer, or activist as she sees herself, Anne Moody, released her autobiography in 1968 that has become prominent in schools, history and the nationally. Sparking into her personal experience between her childhood and into her late twenties, we are told the story of the bias faced by many African-Americans, and the emotionally driven actions pressed to change. Written during the times of the Civil Rights Movement, she describes the enduring racism faced and the sexism she experienced from her fellow peers in the movement. Anne…show more content…
She also had challenges to face. When it came to her family, she worried for her safety, as well as her family for themselves and her. Since she was a child and first heard of the NAACP, Moody’s mother always kept quiet, and tried to keep her daughter quiet too and accept the way of living was for them as so many other African-Americans had before them. While she is dealt with this hand of her family being put in danger (as explained to Anne in letters by her mother, such as her brother almost being lynched, and threats that if Anne returned to town, she would be killed). With her mother’s pleas for Anne to stop the movement, she refuses to. The distance from her family is possibly one of the most important and motivational factor in Anne’s life to continue on to follow her ambitions. As we read earlier, Anne hated that African-Americans simply gave in to the fact that white people were more superior. As she separates from her mother and family, she is pushing and moving away from the older generation into her own and a newer generation; one that will not accept anything less than full
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