Coming Of Age In Mississippi Essay

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Garrett Royer College While Anne is in college she becomes more involved in the civil rights movement than she was in high school. She leads a boycott of the cafeteria at her first college which is her first major act as a political activist. While she is attending Tugaloo College she joins the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples in order to become officially involved in the civil rights movement. This is an extremely significant period in her life, not only for Anne but also for America itself because this was when the tensions between whites and blacks increased drastically and even the relationships between blacks themselves became more tense. The schism forming among African-Americans themselves was seen very well from Anne's perspective as her relationship with her family was strained as they pressured her to quit the NAACP because they disagreed with the movement. The Movement As Anne's actions create an increasingly strained relationship between herself and her family, the civil rights movement continues to become more violent and frenetic. An important moment in the novel is at the the very end when Anne is on the bus listing to fellow African Americans singing “We Shall Overcome.” This is a significant moment because Anne begins to wonder whether or not her involvement in the movement will actually result in racial equality and if the movement itself will actually ever be successful. This shows how the movement ultimately lost control towards its end and simply became a mass of people fighting for a cause with very little direction. This is also important because Anne considers all of the violence that whites have hurt the African Americans with and she considers if the situation will ever be able to peacefully resolve itself or if violence will simply create more

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