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Comic Scenes in Doctor Faustus Essay

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  • on February 16, 2013
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(A Powerful Play with a weak Plot)
In any tragic or serious play, the dramatist tries to give relief to the audience byintroducing comic scenes or episodes. The literary term for such comic interludes isknown as tragic relief. A tragedy is bound to create tension in the mind of theaudience and if this tension is not relaxed from time to time, it generates some sortof emotional weakness in the mind of the audience. Hence, comic scenes are anecessity to ease the tension and refresh the mind. There was a pressing demandfrom the side of Elizabethan audience for such interludes. Hence, play wrights hadto introduce such comic scenes as the producers also demanded them for asuccessful run of the play. The comic interlude may have an appropriate emotionalconnection in the development of the tragic play. But it is also admitted that inMarlowe’s dramas, this tragic relief seems to be crude and often verges on horseplay and buffoonery. For these scenes, it is often said that “Dr Faustus” is apowerful drama with a weak plot.A close study of Marlowe’s famous play “Dr. Faustus” shows us that there arefourteen scenes in all. Out of them, comic scenes are five or six. According to thecritics, the comic elements in these scenes are low and vulgar, full of coarsebuffoonery and they can not be accepted as organic parts of the tragic play.They are of the opinion that only in the first comic scene do we see worked out withsome care a comic burlesque of the main plot. Another objection on comic scenes inDr. Faustus is that most of them are later interpolation and not from the mightypen of Marlowe. Some of these critical arguments really hold good. If we studyMarlowe’s play “Temburlaine”, we find him in the prologue to this play, proudlydeclaring that:“From jigging veins of rhyming mother wits,And such conceits of clownage keep in pay,We shall lead you to the stately tent of war.”This shows that Marlowe must have cherished a strong dislike for...

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