Comic Books vs Real Books

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Text vs Image As Brian Aldiss once said, “there are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.” In the literary world there is a vast amount of different writers and contrasting forms of them. Some writers stick to traditional prose while others are more visual, creating comics, and even scripts that are adapted into movies, that tell stories in different ways. They each use different tools to give the reader the best possible understanding to each storyline and because of that they are separate entities, making comics just as effective when it comes to the act of realistic storytelling. Particularly in comics, messages are usually easier to understand than in prose due to the fact that images tend to reveal the message much quicker. In Spiderman comics, all the action and adventure that takes place is much more exciting due to the detail of the colors and font that is used. Close ups are also provided to help the reader take in more. If written in prose it would be just as easy to understand and just as effective. In prose, a reader has more room to further their imagination due to the great amount of detail that could be planted in long descriptive sentences. Both comics and prose however offer outlets in which the reader can extend their imagination. Those outlets just happen to be in different forms. Comics use actual images while prose uses imagery through descriptive language which increases the author’s depth to his work. The flow of a novel and a comic is an important part of the reader’s enjoyment and understanding. With any good author, visualization is key to creating some kind of an image to be remembered. Comics do a similar thing in which all events are clearly shown and explained. In relation to realistic storytelling, it is important for everything to be precise in order to portray an event accurately. In

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