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READINGS OF CHINESE POET XUE TAO A Thesis Presented by LU YU Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS September 2010 Asian Languages and Literatures © Copyright by Lu Yu 2010 All Rights Reserved READINGS OF CHINESE POET XUE TAO A Thesis Presented By LU YU Approved as to style and content by: _________________________________ David Schneider, Chair __________________________________ Suet Ying Chiu, Member __________________________________ Donald E. Gjertson, Member _________________________________ Amanda Seaman, Program Director Asian Languages & Literatures Program _________________________________ Julie Candler Hayes, Chair Department of Languages, Literatures & Culture ACKNOWLEDGMENT I am thankful to all the professors who lent a hand to me on my thesis. I would like to thank my committee chair, Professor David Schneider. He was so kind to help me from the topic of the thesis, the content, to every detail, the format and so on. He was so patient and thoughtful to give me suggestions both to my study and my career. Thanks are also due to the members of my committee, Professor Suet Ying Chiu and Professor Donald E. Gjertson, who were always willing to answer my questions and give me helpful comments. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Marc Cameron who helped me a lot in improving my English and polishing the language of my thesis. iv ABSTRACT READINGS OF CHINESE POET XUE TAO SEPTEMBER 2010 LU YU, B.A., NANJING UNIVERSITY M.A., UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST Directed by: Professor David Schneider, Elena Suet-Ying Chiu, Donald E. Gjertson Xue Tao was one of the Tang Dynasty's best-known female poets. Her poems are beautiful and of her own style, but there have only been a few of studies on them. This

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