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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The 4Ps of marketing is a tool used by companies to determine the most suitable combination of product, price, place and promotion that will deliver value to their customers. Companies seek to offer products/services that meet the customers’ needs at a reasonable price, where consumers can easily purchase the products/services and these products/services must be backed up by adequate advertisement campaign to create awareness. A good combination of product, price, place and promotion will give a company competitive advantage over its competitors in the market. This report describes the marketing mix adopted by Unilever in the Vietnamese market. The write-up outlines in detail the type of product Unilever offers the Vietnamese market ( such as product features, product categories, packaging and product quality), the price range for different target markets, the various distribution channels Unilever employs to makes its products available to consumers, and the various types of marketing campaigns that Unilever uses to create awareness for its products. It can be inferred that Unilever has adopted a satisfactory marketing mix for its products because it is one of the market leaders in the industry. In the last part, some suggestions also were given for the company to improve their competition ability. Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 TABLE OF CONTENT 2 INTRODUCTION 3 MARKETING MIX – 4PS ANALYSIS 5 1. Product 5  Product features: 5  Product categories: 6  Packaging: 11  Packaging pattern: 14  Quality 14 2. Price 15 3. Place 16 4. Promotion: 18 CONCLUSION 23 REFERENCES: 24 APPENDICES: 25 WORD COUNT: 2.392 (Exclude tables and diagrams) INTRODUCTION Marketing today is not only a support tool for businesses, expressing through observed activities such as offers, advertising, promotion, etc;

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