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comfort There’s this place I like to go. A place where I am happy. A place not very many people realize how great it is. Everybody goes in and out of this place and sometimes don’t even realize the effect that this place has put on them. I’m talking about that specific place of comfort. There’s all kind of places. There’s places like fast food restaurants where people go when they want a quick meal. Or theres places like sit down and dine in restaurants where people go on dates or just want to spend a little time with the family away from home. None of these places mean anything to me but a place to eat. The most enjoyable place for me to be is that place of comfort that you get when your family is by your side. Theres all kinds of family, your mom, dad, sisters, brothers you know the people you grow up…show more content…
Unfortunately half of my family lives in other states and I don’t get that quality time with everyone at once. I go and visit my mom’s side of the family in georgia about every three years but to me that’s not enough. I also go and visit one of my aunts and cousins in California every once in a while too. Being away from my family is hard for me but I have learned to deal with it. When I was a little younger it was really hard for me to deal with this I would actually cry myself to sleep every night just thinking about all the bad things I ever did to my family in Georgia. That place of comfort that I get with my family by my side is what helps me through the good and the bad times. My family is my everything they do so much for me and expect only the greatest things for me. I love my family with all my heart and thank them for all of the wonderful comfort they give me. My family isn’t the greatest family but they are my family and no matter what they will always be my family and I will always be there to comfort them like they were there to comfort

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