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Sandra Gonzalez Ms. Munoz Composition 1301-S58A 21 October 2012 Commercials: The Damage a Simple Defect Can Cause the Product Commercials are used worldwide to promote the sales of products in every way; in everyday life people encounter a multiple of commercials every time you watch television. A commercial explains whatever the product it is they are trying to sell in a way to get the viewer’s complete attention, yet there are some commercials that damage the sales of the product. Some of the ways a commercial can damage the sales of the product can be how a certain thing presented in the commercial can distract the viewer, how a little sound at the beginning or end of a commercial can easily annoy the viewer, also simply how the commercial is put together and presented to the viewer. All of these examples negatively can and will affect the sales of the product the commercial is trying to promote, and this is very important to the company trying to sale the product because their sale numbers might decrease by a lot, and they are barely beginning to promote the product it will look bad on them too. A commercial that damages the sale of a product is one of the Kia commercials; which presents too many objects that distract a viewer from the product being promoted. Kia commercials are basically trying to sell their latest car the “Kia Soul”. There are many commercials the Kia has made and they all range from funny to pretty serious, but there is this one commercial that stands out from all them. The commercial begins with some type of robots shooting everywhere and blowing up stuff, after like fifteen seconds of that the car still is not visible so the viewer probably thinks it might be for a video of some sort, then like thirty seconds into the commercial they can hear the car and still really cannot see how it is since all the viewer gets to see is the shoe

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