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Monkey Trouble Characters Author , A little Boy Grandfather Grandmother Tutu , the monkey Uncle Benji Aunt Ruby Rocky Major Malik The Ticket Collector Scene I Place : Grandfather’s Home Grandfather and the author enter with a monkey which has a collar round its neck. Grandmother{angrily}: You have enough pets as it is . Author : But I don’t have any Grandmother: You’re wicked enough for two monkeys . No more boys in the house. Grandfather: Tutu isn’t a boy . This is a little girl monkey Grandmother with a look of willingness leaves the room Scene II Place : Aunt Ruby’s room Tutu has got entangled in one of Aunt Ruby’s petticoats. Loud shrieks are coming from Aunt Ruby’s room . Everybody is running to see what is wrong . Aunt Ruby { seeing a white blob jumping on her bed } : Ghost ! A ghost ! Grandfather and Author : {disentangling Tutu}: {Soothing Aunt Ruby } It is Tutu , our new pet monkey . Scene III Place : Meerut Train Station Grandfather is producing tickets at the turnstile . Tutu pokes his head out of the bag and gives the ticket collector a wide grin. He is taken aback and seems irritated much to the annoyance of Grandfather. Ticket Collector: { with a toneof authority } Sir , you will have to buy a ticket for your dog Grandfather: Dog ! It is a monkey , a baby monkey and there is no charge for monkeys. Ticket collector : It is as big as a cat. Cats and dogs are to be paid for . Grandfather :{ reiterating} It is only a baby . Ticket collector : {tauntingly} Have you a birth certificate to prove that ? Grandfather : Next you will be asking to see her mother . Grandfather unwillingly pays five rupees for Tutu’s fare .Just to get his own back , takes out a small tortoise from his pocket and addresses the ticket

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