Come with Nothing, Go with Nothing Essay

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Week-1 Journal Come with nothing, Go with nothing In week one lecture, we are talking about what is ‘Sustainability’ and how can it be achieved. Sustainability, it could define as the ability of the quality of life in our generation can potentially be shared by the future generations. Some experts nowadays even said that human is going to extinct due to the globe warming effect in the coming 50 years. The issue of how to help our earth back on the right trick becomes a hot topic to discuss around the world. Since this issue has been raised for many years already, people should get what they should do in order to solve the problem we are now facing. When you go on the street and ask anyone ‘How to protect our world from global warming?’ you can get an answer immediately. It showed that people do ‘know’ how to do but not everyone will go for it. That's probably because they don’t want to scarify what they are enjoying at the moment, turning on the air-con, making the largest amount of money and maintaining the best quality life. They don’t care about what is going on to the future, they just want to have the largest extend of enjoyment. Take Hong Kong as an example, people will open air-conditioner at home in summer once they backed, even though a fan is already enough to cool them down. In my point of view, it’s totally unfair to our future generations as who give the right to us to tear off the quality of life to the other people who born with the same right with us. We born with nothing to the earth, why we can dead with something from the earth? In the readings, Plumwood drew an analogy between a library and nature. I think this comparison is so true that we should return the book the to library after borrowed from it, just like we will return to the nature in one day after born from it. In addiction to his point, I think we should not just return the book on time
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