Combating Compassion Fatigue In Nursing Care

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Running head: COMBATING COMPASSION FATIGUE Combating Compassion Fatigue Essay chelsea Riko Grand Canyon University: HLT-310v 05/26/2013 Introduction One important that should occur in nurse mind while care is being given to the patient is compassion. The healthcare professionals need to be compassionate, that’s what make you a good caregiver because in the hospital unit one may see a dying patient, suffering patient and confused patient trying to climb out of the bed. Many at times, the caregiver gets exhausted and burnout in this area and finding it difficult to cope, at the same time declining the caregiver physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 5 warning signs of compassion fatigue Physical Exhaustion For a person to function effectively, good nutrition and adequate rest needs must be met. The care giver need food and rest to maintain healthy status. But when these needs are denied the body gets exhausted causing the care giver not to…show more content…
One of the employer benefit to employees are Employee assisted program which help employee to be able to cope with stressful events. Continuous education is also important to better prepare health caregiver on ways to handle emotional problem. If emotional problems are not well handled, it will lead to poor customer service. Health caregiver need to be emotionally balanced and to be in good mood in order to increase good satisfaction. (Cherniss, C,

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