Combat Challanges Essay

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Psychiatrists have always had to deal with having a hard time with the profession that they have. The idea of having to help someone with their problems is not an easy task. Although the science of psychology has definitely progressed over the years, there is still a lot that can and will be learned. There are also different levels of stress that will change over the coming years, just as they have done in the past. We have seen many troops suffer from many different types of stress just as much as combat itself has changed. From World War I all the way up until our recent battle of the War on Terrorism we have watched and studied stress on many different levels. Although we know that as long as their has been a war or any kind of battle that troops have always been a little ‘on edge’, but it wasn’t until about World War I that we actually started to take a good look at it, and try to find specific reasons, and ways to help our troops deal with the stresses of combat. One of the main things that we have to overcome as military psychologists is that there are many types of stress that are going to need to be dealt with. Also we need to realize that not every soldier is going to have the same exact symptoms, or they may even possibly suffer something that we may have never seen before. We have to be able to overcome and adapt to the situation and help the individual out that needs our guidance. From World War I we started to see individuals that would suffer what is now called battle fatigue, or simply combat stress. This can be something as simple as a soldier being away from his or her family for an extended amount of time. Depending on the situation and severity, this could be caused from someone watching one of their fellow comrades dying beside them. Psychiatrists learned that while out in the field that the majority of the time that this type of stress can

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