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COM3708 Assignment 03, Semester 02 Name: S T Ahmod Student number: 41536991 Unique Number: 882173 Declaration I, Shaguftha Thabasum Ahmod hereby declare that this is my own and personal work, except where the work(s) or publications of others have been acknowledged by means of reference techniques. I have read and understood Tutorial Letter CMNALLE/301 regarding technical and presentation requirements, referencing and plagiarism. Signature: Name: S T Ahmod Student number: 41536991 Date: 2nd September 2014 Witness: TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION 4 1 PHASE ONE: ASSES 4 1.1 Identifying the communicator 4 1.2 Identify the target audience 5 1.3 Situation analysis and campaign aims 10 1 PHASE TWO: CREATE 12 2.4 Stipulate the communication problem or opportunities 12 2.5 Define strength, weakness, opportunities and threats 13 2.6 Campaign topic 14 2.7 Strategic communication objectives 14 2.8 Communication message 15 2.9 Media selected 16 2.10 Communication material 17 2.11 Proof of authenticity: the evaluation of the planning 17 of the campaign by the organisation SOURCES CONSULTED 18 ADDENDUM A 19 ADDENDUM B 20 ADDENDUM C 21 ADDENDUM D 22 1 INTRODUCTION This portfolio assignment entails the planning of a real integrated communication campaign which is developed for a local school, Bonella Secondary School. This project comprises only two phases out of the four integrated

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