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COM3704/201/1/2014 Tutorial Letter 201/1/2014 NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGY COM3704 Semester 1 Department of Communication Science This tutorial letter contains important information about your module. Bar code COM3704/201 CONTENTS PAGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME LECTURERS WORK DISTRIBUTION COMMENTS ON ASSIGNMENT 01 AND 02 FEEDBACK AND ANSWERS TO ASSIGNMENT 01 FEEDBACK ON ASSIGNMENT 02 IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE EXAMINATION CONCLUSION 3 3 3 4 9 16 18 2 COM3704/201 1 INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME Dear Student We trust that your examination preparation is taking a smooth turn. This tutorial letter is a follow up to Tutorial Letter 101 and it designed to assist you with matters regarding examination preparation. In addition it provides you with feedback for the first assignment and second assignment. If you recall the first assignments was an MCQ assignment in which you had to answer twenty five questions while the second assignment was an essay-type assignment. Please read this tutorial letter carefully and use it as guidance when preparing for upcoming May/June examination also use it to pin point your strengths and weaknesses in the assignments that you completed although this feedback is more general whereas the feedback you received in your essay-type assignments was more specific. This tutorial letter also provides feedback from the discussion classes. We trust that you had a fruitful experience on myUnisa and we encourage that you continue to visit myUnisa, after reading this tutorial letter, as something interesting relating to the examination preparation could come up. To all the students who visited us on campus and called about pertinent issues relating to the module, thank you for taking the extra step and showing enthusiasm in the module. We wish you all the best in the examination, should you need additional assistance in preparing for

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