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3.1 Detailed Visual Analysis Codes | How are the codes used in the photograph? | What meaning(s) is/are produced? | Graphic depth vectors | They are used to move our eyes or the focus from the 2 people in the background and to get us to focus in the direction that he is looking at. | The photographer/reporter leads our eyes beyond the photo to the left. | Aspect Ratio | Horizontal orientation is used, and the one figure is closer to us and bigger, So our main focus is the photographer and what he is doing and looking at. | Our eyes will focus on the bigger figure and look to where he is pointing with the camera, taking our focus away from anything in the background. | Vectors | The reporter is placed in the photograph in that position, to attract our attention. | Our eyes will focus on the bigger image and expect him to be photographing the 2 people in the background. | Asymmetry shot | The photographer is the figure in power, our focus is shifted to what he is looking at through the camera. | It looks like the photographer is taking photos of the 2 people, but he is not. So our focus is shifted to the left of the photograph and can alter the meaning of the photo. | Psychological closure | There is missing information between us and what the photographer is looking at. What is the photographer looking at? | With this photo our eyes organize or create our own image. We only see what the photos shows us, but not what the main figure is looking at, we will make assumptions. | 3.2 Summary of main findings. In the photograph in 3.2, many codes are used. There is a different relationship shown in the photo between the sign and the meaning communicated. The photo gives us the perception that the 2 people behind the photographer/reporter are the main characters, but they are actually in the background and not even what the focus or the main theme of the

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