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Part 1 The relationship among ethics, morality, and social issues in the legal context is something that we will have to deal with. One social and ethical issue is making sure that our doctors and nurses are properly certified and practice medicine safely and correctly. The surrounding communities want doctors and nurses who have the proper certifications and are known for being moral in their medical decision making. Some legal issues that can be faced would be practicing improper medicine, and giving unneeded prescriptions. Part 2 Training: 1. Ethics is emphasized to new recruits and employees in the form of a video. Any new employee that is hired must watch a video on ethics and morality and they have to take a week class for new employees. During this week, they will learn the ins and out of the customer service and ethics and morality with the company. They will also be provided with an instruction manual or a code of ethics book. Most of the issues covered will be common things that are encountered that involve moral and ethical behavior. 2. Employees and managers will have an orientation that involves extensive training on the values that we wish to uphold and carry out. 3. The managers are trained in ethical decision making in our company because we want to make sure that if something comes up that may require someone to be able to make the correct decision, we want to know that we can count on our people to do so. 4. The ethics training that we have for existing employees will be that they have to take a class every year to make sure that the values and ethics are still fresh in their heads. We give them an updated code of ethics book if we have made any changes since the previous

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