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Code of the module (COM2603) Title of the module (Intercultural, development and health Communication) Semester (Semester1) Number of the assignment (Assignment 02) Name of the assignment (Development Communication) Unique number (329439) Assignment is my own work TABLE OF CONTENT PAGE 2 PAGE 3 PAGE 3 PAGE 4 PAGE 5 Diffusion of Innovation Diffusion of Innovation Development Journalism Development Journalism Development Journalism 1 Diffusion of innovation It is the communication process by which innovations spread to members of a social system. It explains how cultural practices can be changed largely due to communication. This theory explains why some innovations, like computer technology of the Internet, or certain behaviours, like “safe sex,”are accepted by some people and rejected by others. The theory posits that in order for people to accept a new technology, they have to see the usefulness of it and it has to be compatible with their values and lifestyle. 1.2     Knowledge; an individual is exposed to the innovation and gains knowledge or information about it. Persuasion; The communication process through which an individual forms a favourable or unfavourable attitude toward the innovation Decision; The individual forms a on whether to adopt and make the full use of the innovation, or reject the innovation Confirmation; the individual confirms the decision and seeks further confirmation and reinforcement regarding the decision. 1.3      Relative advantage of the innovation compared with the existing conditions. Compability of the innovation with existing values and past experience of the recipients Complexity or degree of difficulty of the innovation Trialability or the degree to which an innovation can be tried out or tested Observability or the degree to which the result of the innovation are apparent to the recipient. 1.4  Mass

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