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COM2602 Integrated Organisational Communication Semester 1 Assignment 01 Communication and the Organisation I, the undersigned, hereby declare that this is my and personal work, expect where the work(s) or publications of others have been acknowledged by means of references techniques. I have read and understood Tutorial Letter CMNALLE/301 regarding technic and presentation requirements, referencing techniques and plagiarism. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGES COMMUNICATION IN ORGANISATION 3 1.1 Origins and major emphases of the fields of communication: 3 1.1.1 Corporate communication 3 1.1.2 Public relations 3 1.1.3 Marketing communication 3 1.1.4 Business communication 3 1.1.5 Organisational communication 4 1.2 The Strategic role of communication 4 1.2.1 Strategy communication 4 1.2.2 Communication strategy 4 1.2.3 Communication of strategy 4 2. INTEGRATING ORGANISATIONS’ COMMUNICATION 5 2.1 Integration of organizational communication 5 2.2 Communication integration 5 2.2.1 Definition 5 2.2.2 Elements of communication integration definition 6 2.3 The move towards an integrated perspective on communication 7 SOURCERS CONSULTED Communication in the organisation 1.1 Origins and major emphases of the fields of communication 1.1.1 Corporate communication Origins – “Corporate communication has developed in parallel with a number of the other academic fields that are discussed here, most specifically with public relations. Corporate communication is most commonly offered as an academic subject within faculties of business, marketing or management, and less so, on departments of communications (Barker &

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