Com10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 2b

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This is a reflection on my experiences of working in a small team to produce an online presentation on the topic ‘the wonderful world of plants’. Within this piece I will reflect on factors contributing to our team success, my role and contribution within the group, explaining my experiences with detailed examples as well as strategies for working successfully in online group work in the future. Team one members included myself, Alena, Shannon, Curtis and Kristee. We achieved great success in collaborating online, displaying a range of critical factors essential for the effective performance by the team as a whole and its individual members. The most critical component to the outstanding success of team one centres on the effective communication held throughout the project’s lifespan. Although from viewing our team’s wiki thread there was a visible minority of vocal contributors, active members ensured to keep communication flowing without allowing any pitfalls to occur. We achieved this by encouraging all team members to engage in conversation and decision making; frequently checking in to our teams wiki and contributing to raising issues of concern and discussing solutions; being clear about our intentions from the beginning and reiterating these throughout the project; keeping all communication simple, easy to read and navigate as well as light and friendly with humour to ensure members felt welcomed. Team one has shown that by taking decisive action in project planning decisions, team members are able to succeed on their individual contribution to team work and pull all parts together. We accomplished this by keeping the conversation moving forward and not waiting on a question to have contribution from frequently inactive members; mitigating any issues that came up, such as involvement of inactive members, quickly in order to keep to a set
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