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COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 1 This paper is to outline my learning experience when researching online and to assess how reliable and credible the information is on each of the platforms. I will become one of the more than 1.11 billion active users of Facebook (Curtis 2013) exploring content for my topic of Bullying and will then be explore Tumblr which has 300 million active users (Kafka 2014). I will be visiting the websites Wikipedia and Anti Bullying – The Fair Work Commission then will draw comparisons on which was most beneficial for my learning experience. Facebook provided the ability to explore deeper by accessing other pages, photos, links to further information and other social media and videos on the same subject. I navigated towards the pages with the highest number of ‘likes’ indicating the page’s popularity and noted that the owners of pages included government, not-for-profit organisations, community groups and sporting clubs and associations. One Government page that provided information on myriad topics was There were blogs, archives, links to other organisations and media articles which allowed a diversity of views to be projected; whether it was a blog from a victim or a news article on research. This page also links to other Federal partners and has over 110,000 ‘likes’, it is regularly updated and also retains historical information in its archives. It is a very comprehensive page, is well organised and gave me the motivation to search further to build on what I had already learned. It was accurate and objective in its content and covered all aspects of the topic from being a victim, the help available and providing educators with resources. In a similar style to Facebook, Tumblr is a series of pages. Tumblr’s own description of their platform is that they are deeply committed to

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