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Background Music Mart was established in 1997 as “Press Play”. Back then Press Play rented vinyl records. Press Play eventually began to grow as business was going good and thus started to implement new merchandise for rental such as CD’s and Cassettes. In 2002 Press Play decided to go even wider in rental of music items hence resulting in them getting a wide variety of musical instruments to put up for rental. It was then the decided to change the name from “Press Play” to “Music Mart”. Today Music Mart Rents a wide variety of instruments and music (that is CD’s, cassettes etc.) to new and existing customers. Instruments and music can be rented for short or long periods of time. Problems with current system Problems with the current system are: * Its inability to store names of the persons along with their item rented. The system currently stores all data of rental and proposed time in one big file so errors easily occur such as forgetting who rented what. * It is unable to calculate overtime fee. A lot of times someone may take an item up on rental for a specific amount of time, but due to possible inconsistencies they may have to spend longer time with the item so an overtime fee is charged per extra hour. * Being unable to calculate damage costs. Someone may borrow an item and return it in worst condition that it was. So it gets confusing when an item was rented to a customer in medium condition and is returned in extremely bad condition yet the person persists that the item was given to them just the way it is being

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