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5 Main Organizational Patterns 1. Topical – Arrange by topics 2. Chronological – Organized in order (timeline) 3. Spatially – Organized based on location 4. Cause and Effect – One thing causes another 5. Problem and Solution – One thing causes another and there is a resolution at the end Four ways to cover information • Primacy – Main idea first • Specificity – A specific idea that you turn into a broader topic • Complexity – Broad to specific/complex • ‘Soft’ to ‘Hard’ evidence – Common idea to specific evidence or vice versa Signpost or Transition A way of moving from one idea to another Types: Transitions • Verbal • Non-Verbal Previews Summaries Outlines • Preparation Outline o Use complete sentences (one per point) o Label purposes at top (general or specific) o Check the following:  Fulfills purpose?  Main ideas logical divisions of central idea?  Do signposts create flow?  Sub points in proper location?  Correct form? • Delivery Outline o Keep it brief o Shortened introduction and conclusion o Include supporting material and signposts o DO NOT include purposes o Use standard outline form • Speaking Notes: o Formulated from your delivery outline o Tips:  Use different colour inks  DO NOT use complete sentences  Use note cards  Number note cards  Write cues Introductions and Conclusions Introductions: 5 Purposes 1. Gaining the Audience’s Attention a. Use an illustration b. Give a startling statistic or fact c. Give a quotation d. Use appropriate humour e. Pose a question f. Refer to an event (recent or historical) g. Refer to the occasion h. Refer to a previous speech 2. Giving the Audience a Reason to Listen a. Explain how the topic relates to them i. Currently ii. In the future 3. Introducing the Subject a. Present your central idea i. Make sure this is a complete thought
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