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COM110 LESSON 1 SHORT ANSWER: 1. In the transactional view of interpersonal communication all of the necessary elements are interdependent. This means that each element of communication is connected and are all necessary to make the whole conversation possible. The sender, receiver, message, medium and feedback cannot exist without each other. Because all the elements of interpersonal communication are needed they are all interdependent the smallest change on one causes a change in another. Interpersonal communication is a circular process that is ever changing. There are constant changes always happening within interpersonal communication. The individual is changing, the people the individual communicates with is changing, and at the same time the environment is always changing. Often these changes can go unnoticed but sometimes they can interrupt the communication process or cycle. For example, a few girlfriends get together and they are having a friendly conversation about their boyfriends. They may be talking about how they are wanting to “go to the next step” with their boyfriends, when one of the girls mothers walks in the room. This can be a change that would lead to a change in the conversation, the girls would immediately change the subject to hide the information from their mom. This would be an example of a change that is noticed because the girls all noticed the mother walking in to join the conversation. On the other hand, a father tried to discipline his daughter and when he starts to sound strict and raises his voice he notices tears start to well up in her eyes and her bottom lip start to quiver. The father then begins to talk more softly and tried to explain why he is punishing her more calmly. This change is communication was caused by small nonverbal cues that the father picked up on, he could have changed his approach of the conversation

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