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Com Enterprise Content Managment Systems Essay

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XYZ Media Inc.
Proposal for Introduction of Collaboration Tools:
XYZWisdom : an Enterprise Content Management System

Clients around the globe complain that media organisations do not understand their business, rather that they are more interested in selling ad space at high volume, and so   seek opinion and advice from advertising agencies, research houses, and other consultants.
These ‘experts’ often demonstrate deep client category understanding but too often lack understanding of the benefits of our product portfolio. Thus, we become slaves to their biases and recommendations, preventing additional advertising sales revenue.
Presently we spend innumerable (and un-billable) head hours chasing the same information over and over – producing case studies, crafting sales documents to define our appreciation of category ‘understanding’ all in the name of possible sales appointment (often at pitch).  
As experts in the marketing communications field, we recognise it’s often cheaper to retain than to acquire a new customer, and yet we fail to acknowledge our own weaknesses, our lack of understanding seeing us provide little more than the briefed requirements.
We miss opportunities to ‘farm’ business from existing clients because we lack the breadth and depth of understanding required to provide our clients competitive advantage. We lose important projects to competitors because we don’t have our ‘finger on the pulse’.
We succumb to ‘Google-planning’, fork out hundreds of thousands for research subscriptions, and store masses of valuable information locked away on local servers.
1. We need to get smarter about client’s business issues and opportunities so we can engage with marketing decision makers in a way that’s ‘upstream’.
2. We need to get smarter about the way we manage and optimise our resources, removing duplication, improving efficiencies, and therefore our cost per sale.

Nationally, XYZ Media Inc.,...

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