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Community education in Scotland can sometimes use sport as a way of engaging with socially/economically disadvantaged groups. To describe the relationship between sports and community education it is important to first as the question; what is community education? The Scottish Government describe it as ‘learning and social development work with individuals and groups in their communities using a range of formal and informal methods.’ The first aspect of the relationship between sport and community education this essay will look at is, sports provision within community education in Scotland. Sports Provision means the amount or level and type of sport that is made available, usually over a period of time. Community education in Scotland is delivered through several providers such as Local Authorities (LA’s), Charities and through Social Enterprise. Across Scotland the level of provision could be markedly different between each LA as It is each LA’s decision, how much to invest in sports provision. As a result there is no consistency across Local Authorities. Consequently this means there will be gaps in community education sports provision. Within Charity groups such as The Salvation Army, sports provision is made available alongside literacy, numeracy and life skills course. Similarly with Social Enterprises such as Street Soccer Scotland who work with socially disadvantaged people of all ages, community education is provided alongside sporting and more specifically football coaching opportunities. This is seen as providing structure to people’s lives and gaining there interest in learning core skills, through sport. Sports participation within community education is seen as having a huge impact on the individual’s life in many different ways. From feelings of well being to increased social confidence and not to forget the additional health benefits

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