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Com 9 12/11/12 CASE STUDY 1. Shawna and Ray started to argue because she had set up an appointment with a client during the time she was supposed to watch the kids while ray worked on grading papers before heading out to his mothers birthday party. Ray got mad and reminded her about the arrangements they had made and Shawna had completely forgot. He told her that she better call and reschedule the appointment and that she always puts her career before the family. Shawna became angry, she felt that is was not true and the only reason she cared so much was because she was doing it for the family. She became very frustrated and told ray that he was jealous of her and her career. Ray was shocked and became very angry. Shawna then realized what was said and took it back and apologized. She was being unfair because ray had taken some time for her to work, while he watched the kids. This is an example of supportive behavior and defensive. Defensive because Ray made an accusation about her putting her career before the family and she came back with your are just jealous, which she tried to defend her reasons why she needed to meet with her client. Supportive because at the end Shawna supported her partner by realizing she was being unfair to her partner and she new she would be helping him getting his work done by getting rid of all distractions. Shawna was feeling stressed out and exercising helps her relive her stress. So ray made arrangements to help his daughter with her dance recital while Shawna went to the gym. This is an example of supportive because ray is taking on more responsibility so that his wife can relax. Ray explained to Shawna how he had to go the carnival and Shawna quickly responded with “Do you really have to go the carnival?” He then explained how he had to be there because the principle had made a big deal about being involved with the

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