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COM 537 Final Exam - COM 537 Final Exam & Communication Plan Final Proposal Right now, get instant help for your final exams of com 537 final exam, uop com 537 final exam, com 537 final exam answers, com 537 final exam questions and answers, a criticism of social media is that it, which of the following statements is true, what factor must be considered in designing an effective communication, which statement is true concerning the role of publics in business communication, in changing markets, communication tactics help for the online tutor provide you in every manner. Click the Uopehelp website. Browse the latest COM 537 Final Exam educational tutorials by all online and free for University of Phoenix Students. 1. What communication type avoids conflict and focuses on facts and details rather than the big picture? They may be perceived by others as unemotional and nonchalant. Argumentatives Sympathetics Systematics Directs 2. A criticism of social media is that it is only available to the media savvy. contributes to the decline in writing and language skills. leads to separation of the haves and have-nots. leads to information overload 3. In Korean culture, a business deal is dependent on contractual information as well as how the parties perceive each other’s values and ethics. According to Edmund Hall, this behavior exhibits the theory of proxemics low-context cultures Ethno-centricism high-context cultures Download COM 537 Final Exam complete solutions with com 537 final exam 4. Your supervisor sends you an e-mail requesting an article for the employee newsletter about company loyalty. You write the article featuring customers who are brand loyal. Later, your supervisor criticizes you for not writing about the topic that he requested. After a face-to-face meeting, you realize that he

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