Com 530 Week 1 Assignment

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Organizational Behavior and Communication COM/530 Organizational Behavior and Communication Organizational Culture Walt Disney culture can be depicted as distinctive in many ways; its culture demonstrates the manner in which this company has excelled within the corporate arena. Primarily, the staff is not regarded as a workforce but rather as individual cast members; moreover every customer visiting the parks and studios are regarded as guests. Values that ensure this company remains significantly noticeable include civility, community, buoyancy, modernism, storytelling, and excellence/superiority (Cheney, 2004). Walt Disney has refined its customary business demeanor to ensure the company mission remains endorsed and sustainable. Walt Disney embraces each person involved and believes these same people are in charge of promoting the organization’s center value. Walt Disney has made an assurance that set principles will assist in guaranteeing their values are mirrored in every facet of its business functions, growth, and development. Adjacent to culture, is the organization’s aptitude to communicate; this has also contributed greatly to its success from the first day the company was founded. The culture, which has been portrayed through Walt Disney molds cheerful and contented cast members as the organization promotes the idea that prevalent communication fosters content personnel. This signifies that communication is determined by the culture of a company where, if respect, motivation, and hard work are instilled than company communications and overall performance improves. Advocated values pair with enacted values so that Walt Disney can achieve its objectives by standing out above others in the corporate world. This company is committed to satisfying all customer bases existing and potential while management ensures that

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