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Harley-Davidson: Change or die! University of Phoenix COM/530 Harley-Davidson: Change or die! Harley-Davidson is celebrating their 110th anniversary this year and is still dominating as the world’s most popular line of touring motorcycles (Newswire, 2013). The major shift in product development and leaner manufacturing costs focused on what biker enthusiasts prefer, leading to “Project RUSHMORE” campaign. RUSHMORE focuses on rider wants and desires and is proving itself to be successful through higher revenue growth and increased EPS (earnings per share) from the third quarter growth of 2012 into the first two fiscal year quarters of 2013 (Harley-Davidson, Inc., 2013). Keith Wandell, Chairman, President and CEO of HD, stated , "Harley-Davidson again drove strong financial performance in the second quarter, reflecting the many improvements in operations we have made throughout the Company over the past few years as well as our brand strength globally…Our employees, dealers and suppliers continue to do an outstanding job, working as one team and moving in one direction, to deliver a great experience for our consumers (Harley-Davidson, Inc., 2013)." The “RUSHMORE” project focuses on four key components of HD enthusiasts and their feedback during the “Come Together” initiative of “built by riders for riders” including; control, infotainment, feel and style (Newswire, 2013). HD is radically reinventing their bikes with Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and liquid cooled engines; Box infotainment systems that enable riders to have phone, CB, and music at the touch of their fingers or voice command—allowing for safer operation while driving; ergonomically and aerodynamically designed seats and controls for safer and more comfortable riders; and improved style for saddlebags, sleeker fenders, lighter aluminum cast wheels, and “intuitive

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