Com 340 Week 2 Assignment Essay

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Laptops at Best Buy 1) Shop an Internet site and classify the laptops you find there into three or four categories Laptops at Best Buy ( 1. Laptop Categories a. Business Laptop b. Gaming Laptop c. Home/Multimedia Laptop d. Netbooks 2) Select one category and find three laptops that fit that category 1. Netbooks a. Toshiba b. Dell c. Gateway (Best Buy, 2011) 3) Partition each of these laptops using three or four different features that are important to you Weight Toshiba: 2.9 lbs Dell: 3.1 lbs Gateway: 3 lbs Operating System Toshiba: Windows 7 starter Dell: Windows 7 starter Gateway: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit System Memory RAM Toshiba: 1GB Dell: 1 GB Gateway: 3 GB Price Toshiba: $229.99 Dell: $449.99 Gateway: $399.99 4) Include one paragraph in which you discuss what you learned from this exercise. Dividing and organizing information into smaller components allows information to become easier to locate and therefore more helpful to its users. However, it can be challenging to divide subjects, such as laptops, because they are comprised of many different characteristics. The creators of face the challenge of marketing their products effectively while acknowledging the fact that the shopper/audience desires can vary greatly. This is why the left side bar is so important. In this area, several of the most important components are featured allowing users the option to shop by selecting components that are most imperative. References Best Buy. (2001). All Netbooks. Retrieved from:

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