Com 295 Week 2 Knowledge Check Study Guide Essay

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COM 295 Week 2 Knowledge Check Study Guide Click Link Below To Buy: Or Visit COM 295 Week 2 Knowledge Check Study Guide 1. As the communications manager for your company, you need to identify a tool that employees can use to communicate with each other quickly and informally and that can indicate whether a particular employee is busy or available for communication. Which of the following tools would you pick? 2. Januz is a language researcher who wants to collect and analyze traditional songs, rhymes, and stories from a variety of cultures for a research project. He posts a request for information on a website, and visitors from around the world share their stories for his project. Which of the following is Januz using? 3. What is the process of recording audio or video files and distributing them online known as ? 4. What would you include at the beginning of an article as a concise version that provides readers with all the main points and skips over details? 5. You notice that employees in your company tend to waste time when using the company’s instant messaging system. What would you advise them to do to make instant messaging more efficient and effective for organizational communication? 6. Brian runs a music blog on which he posts podcasts of different music artists discussing their newest album releases. If he wants to effectively adapt the three-step writing process to his podcast, what will he do during the completing stage? 7. Marco needs to write an article for a magazine. While he has a main idea and a theme in mind, he is not sure how to clearly organize large amounts of information. He decides to record himself describing out loud what he intends to write and repeat the process until he has narrowed down and
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