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COM 295 Final Exam – Get current final exam paper with solutions guide for com 295 final exam university of phoenix. Grab exclusive 2016-2017 preparation materials like com 295 final exam answers and questions, persuasive presentation, answers free pdf guide at Uopehelp, the best online tutorial for uop com 295 final exam. Attractive latest COM 295 Final Exam has always played a key role in successful online educational tutorial of 1. Your coworker LaRita has asked you to review her slide presentation. You notice that it is difficult to recognize and process the most important ideas and information. To help her fix this, what will you recommend that she change? • She should include a compelling image every few slides. • She should choose dark backgrounds and text colors. • She should use bold or italics to highlight key ideas. • She should limit her text to five words per line and three to four lines per slide. 2. A colleague asks you for advice on how to understand the audience of his persuasive message. Which of the following pieces of advice will you offer? • Ask as few questions as possible to avoid annoying them. • Focus on their values and not their needs. • Wait until the message is perfected before choosing the right audience. • Consider the psychological principles that impact people's decisions. 3. Which of the following is true of competence? • It is often evaluated by one's track record of achievements. • It has grown less important in the post-trust era. • It is innate and cannot be gained through experience. • It increases when individuals focus on connecting with others. Whole COM 295 Final Exam solutions right here com 295 final exam 4. In order to focus your presentation on people, you should: • use a lot of "I" statements •

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