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Today’s Military Chris Stafford COM 220 11/5/09 Today’s Military Today’s military is beneficial to the health and fitness of today’s Americans because it teaches respect and manners to those who serve our country, and it gives those who serve a more active lifestyle as well as a chance at a great education. According to United States Department of Defense (2009), “Every day, many thousands devote themselves to protecting freedoms, maintaining peace, providing relief and supporting policy around the globe. For many young Americans, the benefits of serving can be tremendous including training, honor, education, travel, pay and self-discovery” (Para 1). The U.S. Military is made up of five service branches and their respective reserve units. With each of these branches and the reserve units, soldiers have a vast array of ways to serve. The five branches that make up the military are the Marines, the Coast Guard, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Army. The Army which is the oldest branch of the U.S. Military, is one of the most powerful forces on earth. There are around 500,000 full-time Soldiers in the Army that are ready to serve our nation by defending it on land, sea, and air. The Army has Elite groups known as the Army Rangers and Special Forces, that receive specialized training to help defend our nation in advanced combat situations (Today', 2009). An elite group of men and women who live by a strict code of integrity and ethics make up the Marine Corp which was founded in 1775, before our nation was officially formed. This strict code of ethics and integrity not only produces strong warriors but people with exceptional character. The core values of Honor, Courage and commitment will directly relate to everything a Marine does, on and off the battlefield. While The Marine

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