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Out of the five stages of listening: Receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating and responding, I would say that I most definably need to improve mostly on remembering and responding I sometimes forget things soon as I'm being told. Remembering is the stage of listening defined by my ability to recall and retain the sender’s information. I have poor recollection in conversation. I know that there are some exercises that exist to help improve my memory and that I should put those into play. The other part of listening that I need to improve is responding I talk over people before I respond, or sometimes to quickly. Responding is the area of listening that involves giving feedback or answering a question. I sometimes tend to give more feedback than is required because I am a no it all. I imaging I am my subconsciously trying to control the conversation, but I need to be more aware of the other parties goals of the communication process. For instance, I can talk to my sister's about a topic and a few minutes into the conversation she can recall exactly what was said and I cannot she calls it spacing off. Like an argument about who’s turn it is to do the dishes. I will have forgotten my argument as well as hers in a minute while she will remember every word. In the same manner, I respond to her information in length about why it isn’t my turn and give her way more feedback than is worthy of the conversation. I personally need to improve on all three because I feel like I will never complete anything in life. For instance I will read a whole book and only remember a few things out of it. To improve my remembering I'm going to start repeating key points of the message to myself, I will also take notes if appropriate and I will try to identify the major idea and the supported advances. In my attempt to improve the responding aspect of listening I will also wait

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