Com 200 Week 3 Assignments Essay

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COM 200 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENTS COM 200 Week 3 Assignments, Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in marriages I thought the article was great and I enjoyed reading it. It puzzled me to know that a couple that has been together for 50 years has little or nothing to talk about I think that is so sad. Yes I can relate to the on self-disclosure in relationships sharing with my partner my private feelings. Me and my partner always talk and tell each other how we are feeling and we always tell each other we love one another and we always show love in front of our children and kiss we let our children know that we love each other no matter what. We always keep our relationship open it help keep the love and understanding between the both of us and we always think of one another when we are out we always check in when we are out doing the shopping or what ever we have family time we sit and talk with the children and grand children make sure ever body is find with what ever may be going in our lives at that time. We work different shift so we always communication with each other and the children on a daily and let the other know what the other is doing or how we maybe feeling about the job or just life in general. Dear Bob and Sue, All throughout your marriage you will have to face trails and tribulations, so my advice to you Bob and Sue for a successful relationship is do not give up on the first sign of trouble “Fifty Percent of American Marriages Are Ending in Divorce (”. Some of those marriages end because of lack of communication or ineffective knowledge of how to communicate with your partner. I am writing to you today to help you better understand how to communicate with one another. When you are both in a heated discussion
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