Com 200 Week 3 Essay

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Self-Disclosure In My Marriage? XXXXXX X. XXXXXXXXXX COM 200: Interpersonal Communication Professor X 10 February 2013 Self-Disclosure In My Marriage? I Do Not Think So After reading Schoenberg’s Can We Talk (2011) article I am left with conflicting thoughts. Could applying some of the recommendations help to strengthen my marriage, possibly, but they could also hurt it as well. My marriage is not perfect, and yes we could use available help and pointers, but at the end of the day my wife and I need to hold some stuff in. Let me explain My wife and I are stubborn people. Very stubborn people. But we have learned to accept that about each other and our relationship. Part of being stubborn is being set in our ways. We have tried in the past to open up more to each other, to self-disclose a few issues and concerns we had in regards to ourselves and each other, and I ended up on the couch for a few nights. By self-disclosure we ended up far madder at each other had we just let it go. We were fine in our relationship before we decided to try this, and then hit our roughest patch when we did. We do have meaningful conversations, as is suggested by the article, but we do not feel the need to get as deeply involved in it as the article suggests. Once the kids are in bed we talk about our days, hers with the kids and mine with what I can/am willing to disclose about my job and the ridiculousness that comes with being a Soldier. Maybe self-disclosure is right for some people, but it is not for my wife and I. Some relationships may strive off of this concept, but ours did not, and we will likely not work to try it again. I understand how being open with your significant other can be hugely beneficial, but sometimes not everyone fits into this mold. I live a very compartmented life, mostly do to my job for the military but also because of my
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