Com: 200 Interpersonal Communications Essay

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Communicating COM: 200 Interpersonal Communications Instr: David Ward Written by John Price 10/Apr/2013 I believe that there are certain areas in which I think the language style matching is accurate. However, it is my belief that for the most part the websites data may be in some aspects fudged or even completely inaccurate. Additionally, I do believe that it may be good for analyzation of an initial conversation. For example, between people in the early stages of starting a relationship. What I have come to find is that in the conversations I submitted, one from the beginning of the early stages of my relationship, and the other more recent my communication score was significantly lower in the later conversation. I believe the communication score reflects on the fact that a couple usually conversates more often and ask more questions, in the hopes of learning about one another. This in turn almost always leads to a detailed and interesting response. Therefore, ones’ natural intrigue may make them seem more interested and present in the conversation. In the beginning stages of a relationship you hardly ever know a great deal about the other person and you’re trying to learn more and more about them leading to a series of back and forth questions and answers from each person. If you input those conversations into the langue style matching website you, in my opinion, will generally score rather high. For the simple fact that you are in a very important part of the beginning of any relationship, learning. One is expected to know all the basics such as hobbies, preferred music styles and so on, in an effort to show the other that he or she is listening and has an interest in what they are saying. As well, as to show that they also have good listening skills, a desirable quality in any friend or companion. However, if you took the same couple
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