Com 200 Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Regenia Johnson September 5, 2011 COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Instructor: Anny Tran Communication is the number one key in a relationship. Even if you do not talk to your partner your body language can give off negative signs that you are not aware of. Talk to your spouse on a daily bases even if you d o not want to. Take time for one another. We are like infants when cry we want someone to hold us and comfort us through the pain. If you feel your relationship is on the line talk out your problems to each other not to other people. Do not let anyone come in your relationship. Body language is more important, you are sending the wrong signal if you and your spouse are talking and you are playing with your hair, nails and phone. You are showing him that you are not interested in what he is saying. Just like infants understand when you do not want to bother with them, they see your body language. They can also feel if you are upset or anger. "Body language." Classic Layout. World Book, 2011.Web .5 September. 2011. Communication started back in the decades times when they wrote on rocks or had the message in the bottle. Now there are several ways to communicate now we have telephone, computers, text, fax and etc. So there is no reason not communicate with the other person. Some people prefer to be text than call. You would want to hear the other person voice as they are talking to you. One phone call a day want hurt. That person might not call you because they are waiting for you to call them. "Communication." ClassicLayout. World Book, 2011.Web .5 September. 2011 Learn from each other and never down each other. Let the person get out what they want to say and listen to each other. Do not make the other person feel so bad. If you are just going to the grocery store ask the other person would they like to go, that is spending time with each other.
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