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Case Study Analysis COMM/215- Essentials of College Writing November 17, 2013 Time management can have negative effects on any new employee in a new company. Carl Robins has only been with this company for about six months but he was given a project with no supervision. I believe that appropriate training should have played a key role when he was hired by human resources to be a recruiter. Carl can analyze what steps were taken in regards to his hiring process and whether he paid attention to what needed to be done to be a recruiter. Carl did achieve the first goal and found fifteen qualified applicants that were needed by the company’s Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls. She was ensured that all personnel would be ready for orientation by mid-June in order to complete all mandatory obligations per the company’s hiring process. Follow-up steps were not done in a timely manner and the orientation room was being utilized by another department. The company’s calendar did not list all activities and training schedules needed for all to be aware or what was required per section; though it is not apparent if the company even has a calendar that is accessible by each department leader. Although it is clear to see that none of the said personnel was managing each department, it is safe to assume that someone else should have seen these issues before the scheduled events. Overall, Carl can learn from this and make the appropriate adjustments with minimal repercussion to his career. He procrastinated by waiting until June to open up the files to review where each applicant was at in the hiring process. With so many steps in the process, it would have made sense for him to make a checklist for each applicant. Monica could have done the same and benefited from this similar procedure. What will be discussed next will be the key problems and issues that were

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