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COM 156 Assignment 1 There are many challenges that could arise when writing a paper, for example one big challenge that a writer faces is effectively researching the topic. In order to effectively research a topic the writer must first allow him or herself enough time to make sure the research is effective and correct so their paper has a full body. Another challenge that I see with writing a paper is avoiding plagiarism, sometimes it is hard not to use a sentence or many of the same words when writing a paper but this is something a writer needs to be aware of. If the writer is taking information form another essay or book the writer must remember to cite the work a needed and not try to pass it off as their own. The Third and probably biggest challenge a writer faces when writing a paper is following the structure of the paper, the writer must keep in mind that there are three parts to the structure of a paper, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. If any of these three areas are lacking in any fashion then the paper is going to fall flat and the reader will lose interest. The strategies for overcoming these challenges are very simple; the writer must develop a plan and include a time line for all of the tasks they must accomplish. If the writer is not careful a lot of time can be used on their research and that will leave them in a bind when it comes to writing the paper out. In order for a writer to avoid plagiarism the writer must know what information needs to be cited and how to cite it, also the writer must follow the guidelines for summarizing , paraphrasing and citing sources if the writer can do this then plagiarism can be avoided. The best strategy for overcoming the challenge of ensuring the structure

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