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Pre-writing is pretty much brainstorming, collecting ideas while getting your inspired mind going. You are able to begin answering the 5wh’s, who, what, where, when why in your writing process. Free writing and mapping allow you to write outside of your typical structured environment, freehand to allow you to write more lenient. When using these forms of brainstorming it also helps to narrow down your main topic. Drafting is the process of putting your ideas on paper and organizing your information in order and eliminating unnecessary information. It’s allows you develop your topic with enough detail for your audience and purpose. Revising is when the writer reads what they have written from the audience’s point of view. This determines if you need to change anything, your presentation or elaborate in certain areas or remove detail in certain areas. Editing is where you would check for grammar mistakes and also sentence structure, punctuation capitalization and citation and document format. This is when you put the finishing touches to your writing. Publishing is when you are releasing a document for the public and others to read. This can be as simple as turning in a paper for your teacher to read. It is important to follow a structured writing process because you are able to successfully retrieve and deliver the most information, and determine what will be appealing to your audience. Writing is an extension of you and it allows the audience to have a visual of what you are trying to explain. Following the writing structure will allow you to easily discuss the topic, state the facts, while you are giving the reader all the information you have learned about the topic you are more likely to stay focused and give them what they want to know and learn, without confusing them. When you read a paper that has no structure it is almost as if the reader is

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