Com/155 Week 6 Dq Essay

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Hum 111 Questioning and Investigation I know you have all heard the rumors about many of our community member becoming ill without any reason as to why. Sadly, the rumors are very true. I decided to investigate the possible causes of the illnesses that are hindering our community. Individuals experiencing health issues are from diverse back rounds making it very difficult to place blame on genetics. Evidence supports that the local gas company may be to blame. Soil and water samples have been extracted from different location in our community, and are currently being analyzed for impurities that may pose health risks. I would also like to urge all individuals living in our community to have their homes inspected for possible as gas leaks. I recommend using an experienced out of town inspector who has no personal ties to the gas company. This should help ensure all community members are able utilize the services of a nonbiased party, and ultimately maintain healthy households. Symptoms of over exposure to natural gas include but are not limited to: nosebleeds, diarrhea, loss of libido, flatulence, bloating, dizziness, memory loss, low grade fever, loss of menstrual cycles, night sweats, depression, pneumonia, headaches, hair loss, chest pain, and partial-seizures (Wang Qijing, 2005). Individuals experiencing these symptoms or any other health problems should immediately seek medical attention. A meeting at the Town Hall will be held on April 3, 2011 at six o’clock; all community members are encouraged to attend and voice your opinions, experiences, and the hardships you may have experienced. Invitations to the meeting have been sent to any community members with a background in law or medicine. Community members experiencing health problem

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